Tulum Areas

Tulum Areas

We present you the main investment areas in Tulum.

1. Aldea Zamá:  It is a residential subdivision where some of the main developments in Tulum are located. It is one of the areas with the greatest surplus value since its main accesses are along the Tulum-Boca Paila highway, the same one that leads to the beaches with turquoise waters characteristic of this place.


2. La Veleta:  It is one of the regions that has experienced the most expansion in the last two years, where a large number of boutique hotels, shops, and restaurants have been built.

Its easy access and proximity to the center are an added value of this area since tourists can easily move by bicycle to the beach or the town center while enjoying an incredible jungle landscape.


3. Region 15:  Many people may confuse Region 15 with La Veleta because they are next to each other. But the truth is that they differ by the distance to the beach, which we mentioned at the beginning of this note, since Region 15 borders  Quinta Sur and  Kukulkan avenues, both with close access to the Tulum hotel zone.


4. Downtown:  The downtown area of ​​the city does not have large developments, but mainly maintains the original architecture of a fishing village and focuses on bars, restaurants, hostels, and party places for the youngest. It is a good investment option if the investor wants to focus on these characteristics as a type of business.


5. Region 10 and 11:  These regions are the novelty within Tulum, it is a very little-built area, in which large developments are not expected, nor an abundance of vacation rentals, but family-type homes are being projected for those looking to buy your second home for vacations or to rent long term. But it is also an excellent option for local people who wish to acquire their home a little further from the movement of the town.


8. SelvaZama: After the great success of Aldea Zamá, the base urban district for the development and orderly growth of Tulum, Zamá Desarrollos ventures into the creation of a visionary project for the future of the region.

Selvazama is based on three principles to achieve its objectives: creativity, well-being, and education. Human connection and community are foundations for a good life; therefore, it will be a place that prioritizes interactivity among the inhabitants, bringing people together, fostering collective effort, as well as learning and celebration.

As a living space, it will be away from the noise of the city or the highway. Nature itself helps to isolate the environment, as residents find perspective and concentration not only to rest but also to live their lives within this project.


9. 101 Tulum: Contemplate a comprehensive masterplan, conceptualized and designed to resonate with the different levels of life according to the local cosmogony. 54 large tourist lots for commercial, hotel, or residential use, in tune with the rhythms of nature.

macro-project designed to invite you to discover the jungle, live each moment intensely, and awaken your senses while maintaining a spirit of wonder, wonder, and surprise; it is the place of origin, where everything converges to take root in an unparalleled place. An integrated journey that interweaves the Mayan jungle, its underground waters, the ocean, and the celestial sphere that expands over the mythical landscape of Tulum.


Do you want more information? Write us, it will be a pleasure to advise you!



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