CIUDAD MAYAKOBA, the city of your dreams

CIUDAD MAYAKOBA, the city of your dreams

CIUDAD MAYAKOBA, the city of your dreams

It is time to enjoy a new way of life in an inclusive, ecological and sustainable community; In a city of modern ambiance, with all the services, in harmony with nature, and inside an innovative urban development model in México: Ciudad Mayakoba, Riviera Maya.

Ciudad Mayakoba is the second phase of development of Mayakoba and the first sustainable master-planned community in the beautiful Riviera Maya. Located 6km north of Playa del Carmen, next to the Mayakoba Resort.

Ciudad Mayakoba’s innovative urban design in México places people at the center to create spaces where one can live in harmony with nature. Its commitment is to human beings and the planet; its values are respect for nature, care for nature and diversity, inclusiveness, good relationships, quality, health, and wellness.

Your dream home, schools, university, cultural centers, shops, golf course, hospital, parks, bike lanes, biological corridors; all this and more is Ciudad Mayakoba.

At the heart of Ciudad Mayakoba, surrounded by natural treasures, are the residential developments; Mayakoba Country Club, Senderos de Mayakoba, Lagunas de Mayakoba, and Jardines de Ciudad Mayakoba, which offer residential lots, villas, condos and apartments, suited to your lifestyle and needs. Each offers a set of amenities that will turn your life into a dream come true.


Properties for sale in Ciudad Mayakoba

CIUDAD MAYAKOBA, the city of your dreams


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